Corinium Museum Achieves Sandford Award

November 24, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ November 2017 Cotswold News

Corinium Museum staff are celebrating after being presented with the prestigious Sandford Award for excellence in heritage education.

Staff from the museum attended a special ceremony on Tuesday 21November in Bath Subscription Rooms. The award was presented by Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator of Historic Royal Palaces.

Bishop Grossteste University and the Heritage Education Trust administer the award which is assessed by a visiting judge. Mr Eric Steed, former Ofsted inspector, judged the Corinium Museum and includes in his report:: “However splendid the displays, the greatest resource for children and students is the ability of the presenters to bring about learning and understanding in a manner that enhances the quality of the displays and, through enjoyment, encourages a life-long interest. The presenting staff members of this museum prove themselves to be fully capable of this level of enhancement. On the day of the judging it was very evident that the pupils gained increasing knowledge, understanding and additional skill levels progressively during the sessions, enjoying every minute of these acquisitions.”

He continues: “The Corinium Museum receives its second very well achieved and deserved Sandford Award. The displays are of a very high quality and are accompanied with explanation boards that use accessible language to explain details that are securely based on academic knowledge and verified research. The locally excavated Roman mosaics and tombstones are of international importance and are displayed to perfection. Adults and schoolchildren alike readily enhance their knowledge and understanding of Cirencester’s past and gain the opportunity to enjoy very worthwhile experiences.”

The Corinium Museum is thrilled to receive the award for recognition of the education programme on offer and as testimony to the hard work and creative thinking by staff at the site.

A second success saw Corinium Museum Director, Amanda Hart, receive Fellowship of the Museums Association in recognition of her efforts towards museum development and best practice. The museum has recently achieved several grant successes from the Arts Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund, which will see significant improvements to the museum over the next two years.